Restraint operant test : TaskForcer

    learning & memory 拘束オペラント実験装置:タスクフォーサー<記憶学習> The subject is put in the cylindrical applicator type restraint chamber made of the stainle

    Touch panel operant test

    learning & memory タッチパネルオペラント実験装置<記憶学習> Visuals (both static image and animation) can be displayed through LCD panel and touch response

    Touch panel : Module of operant test

    タッチパネル:オペラント実験用モジュール This 15-inch touch panel uses 2 IR sensors to detect touch coordinate. IR sensors are located at the edge of touch pane

    Pellet dispenser: Module of operant test

    ペレットディスペンサー:オペラント実験用モジュール<記憶学習> The pellet dispenser unit dispenses precision diet (pellet; granular feed) automatically to subject. It is c

    Pump unit: Module of operant test

    ポンプユニット:オペラント実験用モジュール This water pump & controller are able to dispense constant amount of water or liquid solution to the mouth of an a

    Odor test unit : Module of operant test

    匂い刺激提示ユニット:オペラント実験用モジュール Using this unit, 2, 4 or 6 kinds of odors can be presented. Odor type and duration can be controlled programmatical