Self head-restraining platform

for mouse behavioral training

This system is automated platform with voluntary head-restraint system for mouse operant training, which is supervised by Dr. Andrea Benucci (Laboratory for Neural Circuits and Behavior, RIKEN Center for Brain Science, Japan).

Subject animals learn operant tasks with stress-free under voluntary self head-fixation.  This platform will contribute automated high-throughput data collection with physiological device. 


Reference  : Aoki, R., Tsubota, T., Goya, Y., Benucci, A. (2017) An automated platform for high-throughput mouse behavior and physiology with voluntary head-fixation. Nature Comms., 8: 1196

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Restraint operant test : TaskForcer

learning & memory

Restraint operant testTaskForcerThe subject is put in the cylindrical applicator type restraint chamber made of the stainless steel. A head of the subject is fixed with special metal fittings, so that only eyes, forelegs and a mouth can be freely moved.
A horizontally moving constant torque lever with integrated water spout at the tip is placed in front of subject. This type of lever is called as spout lever. Using foreleg subject can operated the spout lever by push or pull. Encoder present in the spout lever outputs lever movement.
Spout lever movement range can be divided into GOAL/FORWARD/BACKWARD areas. During trial, based on the position of spout lever, decision can be made for correctness and liquid reward dispensed thorough the water spout present at the tip of lever. Various types of stimuli like sound stimuli/ visual stimuli/ odor stimuli/ intracranial photo stimulation can be presented. All the presented stimuli are program controllable. Varieties of schedules are available by software. Cables and speakers of this system are electromagnetically-shielded. This enables this system to be used with physiological recording system.

Go task
Go & No-go task
External & Internal-trigger task


1.Water supply unit 5μl OPR-7100

1.Water supply unit  OPR-7300

2.Sound stimulation unit OPR-80102.Sound stimulation unit OPR-8010

2.Sound stimulation unit OPR-8210

3.Interface OPR-1010

3.Interface  OPR-1410



4.Spout lever unit OPR-SPL-RM

5.Acclimation applicator OPR-TUBE-R

5.Acclimation applicator OPR-TUBE-R

6.Rat restraine OPR-31106.Rat restraine OPR-3110

6.Rat restrainer  OPR-Rφ60

1 Water supply unit OPR-7300
2 Sound stimulation unit OPR-8210
3 Interface OPR-1410
4 Spout lever unit OPR-SPL-RM
5 Acclimation applicator OPR-TUBE-R
6 Rat restrainer OPR-Rφ60
7 Task control software OperantTaskStudioV2
8 Computer set

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Touch panel : Module of operant test



Touch panel : Module of operant test

This 15-inch touch panel uses 2 IR sensors to detect touch coordinate. IR sensors are located at the edge of touch panel. The sensitivity of detection is adjustable. This touch panel can be used for mouse, rat and also human-being. Touch panel can be fitted into any off-the shelf computer display. While using touch panel it is recommend to cover all area other than the touch area.

IR image sensor unit

Pellet dispenser: Module of operant test


pellet-dispenser-module-of-operant-testThe pellet dispenser unit dispenses precision diet (pellet; granular feed) automatically to subject. It is controlled by 5V TTL trigger signal by connecting power source unit and control box.

※Please inquire us not only about the dispenser itself but also connection to experimental box, pellet dish, connection to the pellet dish, connection to each power source, control signal et al.

Pump unit: Module of operant test


This water pump & controller are able to dispense constant amount of water or liquid solution to the mouth of an animal as a reward of operant test. This pump can supply 1 – 5 μl per one shot.
Dispensing of water/liquid is controlled by 5 V TTL trigger signal. Both computer controlled and manual operation modes are supported. Water or liquid is dispensed without delay from trigger signal, dripless and no leakage by residual pressure, so accurate reinforcement is available.



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Odor test unit : Module of operant test


Odor test unit : Module of operant testUsing this unit, 2, 4 or 6 kinds of odors can be presented. Odor type and duration can be controlled programmatically through 5V TTL signal. Air at installation place is filtered and used by this unit.
Normally, only the filtered air flows in front of animal’s nose. Based on TTL signal, electromagnetic valve opens and odor gets mixed into flowing air. Odor source can be placed in syringe filter or odor bottle.
The exhaust air is released to atmosphere flowing through water & an activated carbon filter. All components which come in contact with odor are washable & interchangeable.

amp box


amp box



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