Mouse Observation Tools for Modified-SHIRPA

for Combined Modified SHIRPA and Dysmorphology (CSD)

behavioral and morphological characteristics

21_mainThese are tools to observe behavioral and morphological characteristics for Modified-SHIRPA & Combined Modified SHIRPA and Dysmorphology (CSD).
We have a license to produce and provide the same tools as used in RIKEN BioResource Center Technology and Development Team for Mouse Phenotype Analysis (Japan Mouse Clinic), under the instruction of them.
Moreover, we are developing data entry software with Japan Mouse Clinic in order to reduce the time, labor power and mistakes for data registry. The software will be adapted to International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium CSD (IMPC CSD) version.



1. Arena

2.Viewing jar

2. Viewing jar

 3.Grid floor

3. Grid floor

4. Supports for Grid floor

4. Supports for Grid floor

5. Stainless steel plate

5. Stainless steel plate

6. Wire attached to an end of a dowel
7. Plastic rod
8. Forceps with tips bent

9. Ruler

9. Ruler

Transparent tube

10. Transparent tube ø25 11. ø30 12. ø35

 13. Click box

13. Click box

Observation Traits (CSD-JMC version)

P1 Activity (body position) P27.1 Upper teeth appearance P53 Hindlimb nail number P79.1 Skin texture + front paws
P2 Tremor P28.1 Lower teeth appearance P54 Hindlimb nail length P80.1 Skin color + back paws
P3 Transfer arousal P29 Salivation P55 Hindlimb nail shape P81.1 Skin texture + back paws
P4 Locomotor activity P30 Vibrissae presence P56 Hindlimb digit number P82.1 Skin color + tail
P5 Gait P31.1 Vibrissae appearance P57 Hindlimb digit size P83.1 Skin texture + tail
P6 Tail elevation P32 Genitalia presence P58 Hindlimb digit shape P84 Vocalisation
P7.1 Startle response P33.1 Genitalia size P59 Contact righting P85 Aggression
P8 Touch escape P34 Genitalia morphology P60.1 Coat color + back P86 Head bobbing
P9 Positional passivity P35 Body tone P61.1 Coat color pattern + back P87 Unexpected behaviors
P10 Trunk curl P36 Limb tone P62.1 Coat hair distribution + back P88 Body weight
P11 Limb grasp P37 Forelimbs – position P63.1 Coat hair texture/appearance + back P89 BMI
P12 Head size P38 Forelimbs – shape P64.1 Coat color + head P90 Tail ratio
P13 Head morphology P39 Forelimbs – size P65.1 Coat color pattern + head
P14 Snout size P40 Forepaw size P66.1 Coat hair distribution + head
P15.1 Ears P41 Forepaw shape P67.1 Coat hair texture/appearance + head
P16 Toe pinch P42 Forelimb nail number P68.1 Coat color + abdomen
P17 Body length P43 Forelimb nail length P69.1 Coat color pattern + abdomen
P18 Tail length P44 Forelimb nail shape P70.1 Coat hair distribution + abdomen
P19 Tail presence P45 Forelimb digit number P71.1 Coat hair texture/appearance + abdomen
P20 Tail length P46 Forelimb digit size P72.1 Skin color + whole body
P21 Tail thickness P47 Forelimb digit shape P73.1 Skin texture + whole body
P22 Tail morphology P48 Hindlimbs – position P74.1 Skin color + snout
P23 Mouth morphology P49 Hindlimbs – shape P75.1 Skin texture + snout
P24 Upper lip morphology P50 Hindlimbs – size P76.1 Skin color + ear
P25 Lower lip morphology P51 Hindpaw size P77.1 Skin texture + ear
P26 Teeth presence P52 Hindpaw shape P78.1 Skin color + front paws



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